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About VP Appraisal

VP Appraisal was incorporated in 2014 as an Insurance Claims Surveying Company, with its principal activities in professional handling and investigation of insurance claims. We give the assurance that we are focus and committed in providing superior services at competitive rates so that you will benefit from considerable cost savings and an enhanced claims service experience by adopting us as your preferred business partner.   VP Appraisal is the official Associate Member under Singapore Automobile Appraisers Association (SAAA).


Our Mission, Goals and Objectives are to assist Insurance companies, Lawyers and Workshop to effectively reduce cost on claims handling and investigation reports. The company is committed to assist Insurers with any requirement. We assure you with our quality and precise work. We will continue to provide prompt and efficient service on all assignments. It is our goal to continuously seek and maintain the highest standard of administration, performance and integrity in our work. To be a Market Leader in terms of Quality and Excellence Service. Our Vision is for every unique premium client to be assured that each claim is assigned and handled with extreme care. To keep clients regularly posted on the progress and development of the investigation. To provide its clients with the highest quality of claim service available in the industry.

Our Service

VP Appraisal assists the motor insurers, Lawyers and Workshop on the below process:

–  Claims Adjustment

–  Investigate based on circumstances of the accident

–  Access extend of the damage

–  Assisting Insurers with third party subrogation claims

–  Adjustment of claimed costs

–  Involvement of preparation and presentation of evidence for claims

–  Capable of handing motor claims footwork

–  Negotiation and Direct Settlement with Third Parties.

–  Assisted Negotiations/Facilitation

–  Providing cost effective assistance to insurance company

Our Promise

VP Appraisal assures all Clients, existing and potential, that we are steadfast in providing a prompt service of the highest technical standard, with the following guiding principles:

–  High Standard of Service

–  Professional Skilled

–  Responsive and Helpful

–  Organised

–  Expedient

–  Fast and Prompt Reporting

–  Efficient ‘Nimble’ Service

–  Understanding our Clients and the Commercial Business arena

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